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Director, fighter, enthuasist

Jazmyne Mink


Come watch the AWC girls show of their talent and skills they developed @ our live event !! Open to the fans family friends and community where all proceeds go to the center.

Hours Monday- Friday 
10:00 - 2:00 pm

3651 Harrison Ave 
Cincinnati, Oh 45211

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Believe Me

Believe me, us, when I say we know …. your asking yourself all kinds of questions.... We have found just about everyone seems to say “Huh” when we confront them with ideal of women fighting. Initinaly I enjoyed the shocked expression however now looking back in history women and fighting is as old as time.

The difference between the fighting we do here at Ailie is we choose to fight , we make that choice, were not fighting for competition, were not fighting for a gym, were not fighting to vote, or serve our country....were fighting to win!!

What do we consider a victory? …....well thats easy, victory's here are Pushing through every punch, absorbing every impact, dissapating excess energy, getting past the judgements of others, , the harboring of that which does not serve us anymore and constant transitioning of becoming attuned to our own energy, also the awareness of others so that we may remain present. It is here we capture our true creative essence of a divine be ing.

Taking control of your own life is scary, just like getting in the ring. Its going to be hard, it's going to be exhilerating, and just ask those who know if it just so happens that when you can let go... you'll be set ...Free.

As hard as it may seem to be the first few times eventually you'll break free and find it easy. The mark of a good fighteress is one who knows they can so when it comes down to it they will.... There is no of WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE and WHY, or HOW, you just do it. You know you can and you will the only thing holding us back is our selves. Our own precieved ideals of reality and how it reinforces our premptive thinking. Don't be a victium of living life choose to be alive and fight for you! Choose to win for you! You are no different than any of these amazing women . At Ailie we all share a common choice we showed up! We at one point were like you to, we had our own prdispositions. Some of us are moms, daughters, friends, athletes over weight under weight shy bossy altruist feminemist headstrong some of us have been abused physically mentally emotionally and some of us have “always had it together” and head strong and still all of us are women !!!! Are you ready to win? Become Victorious Discover You! Empower you! Transform you! What are you waiting for cease the day tommorrow never comes let this be the moment you have been waiting for. Satisfy your curosity come in and check out Ailie wellness!.